LearnSpace for Your Business Training and Meeting

Private Distributed Cloud-Enabled LearnSpace for your Business Web Conferencing. The platform that focuses on your business and absolute privacy of your business and data.

Start Your Online Meeting instantly with 0% Download

Stop wasting time installing your training space. Reach works 100% on HTML5 client that loads and runs within your browser. It will run within your mobile browsers as well. Nothing to install forever.

All plans come with an unlimited user management system.

We charge you by the concurrent connection to your platform not user numbers.

Option for shared private clusters or dedicated meeting platform for your business.

Reach uses the same secured meeting technology deployed by the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA).

each runs within your mobile browsers as well (we recommend iOS 12.2+ and Android 6.0+). There is no mobile application to install – just click a link within your mobile browser on Android (Chrome) and iOS (Safari mobile).

Access Your Meeting Platform Your Way

Reach has all the features required to make your private meeting platform manageable and accessible to your organization, such as:

  • Signup/Login with Google, Microsoft or through the application itself. Manage your account settings and user preferences.
  • Manage your account settings and user preferences.
  • Create and manage your own personal rooms
  • Invite others to your room using a simple URL
  • View recordings and share them with others.

LearnSpace Features


Hold visual meetings.


Communicate using high quality audio with low bandwidth

Muti-user whiteboard

Draw together.

Breakout Rooms

Group users into breakout rooms for team collaboration.

Screen and Video Sharing

Share your screen and Online Video in Real-Time

Real-Time Editor

Collaborating in really real-time

Speech to Text

Speech to Text capability (chrome only) and real-time closed captioning by users.

Multi-Format Cloud Recording

From event-based recording for Data API analysis to mobile video and podcast format in just one click recording.

LearnSpace For

Reach enables real-time sharing of audio, video, and screen. You can use this for many businesses.

  • Online meeting
  • Coaching space
  • Counseling online
  • Cloud Podcasting
  • Interview Room
  • Telemedicine
  • Virtual tutoring
  • Work collaboration
  • Webinar classes
  • Personal secured communication

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