Simple interface for users to create rooms, Start meetings, and Manage recordings.

Greenlight is a simple-to-use web application that you can install on any BigBlueButton 2.0 server. We introduced Greenlight 1.0 last year to give users the ability to create a meeting, invite others to join the meeting, and manage the recordings.

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Quick Access

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Fast Support

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Greenlight 2.0 uses the concept of a personalized room which is connected to a short “license plate” like URL. This permanent URL gives each user their own personal room.

Greenlight 2.0 has all the features required to make your BigBlueButton server manageable and accessible, such as:

  • Signup/Login with Twitter, Google or through the application itself.
  • Manage your account settings and user preferences.
  • Create and manage your own personal rooms (BigBlueButton sessions).
  • Allow users to wait for your room to start, then automatically join when it does.
  • Invite others to your room using a simple URL.
  • View recordings and share them with others.
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Accounts and Profile

Sign up / Login

Greenlight has full support for managing user accounts. It currently supports four types of user authentication:

  • In-application (Greenlight)
  • Google OAuth2
  • Office365 OAuth2
  • LDAP


All of these authentication providers are configurable and can be turned on/off individually. Turning off In-application authentication will disable user sign up. This allows you to preconfigure accounts for specific users who you want to have access to your server.

Once you are logged in, you’ll see your account appear in the top right corner of the screen. Clicking on the navigation items along side it allows you to traverse Greenlight.

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Setting Your Information

Greenlight also allows users to update their account information at any time, including changing their password, profile image, and language for Greenlight.


Using Your Room

Greenlight is built around the concept of rooms. A room, to the user, is a BigBlueButton session that they “own”. A user can add custom room settings, start/stop their room, invite others to their room using a short easily communicable URL, track sessions, and more.

To invite someone to join your room, all you have to do is give them the invite URL on the room page. Once they follow the URL, they’ll be presented with an invitation to join your room. If the user doesn’t have a Greenlight account, they’ll be prompted to enter a name to join the room. Otherwise, Greenlight will use their account name.

If the room is running, they’ll be instantly join in. However, if the room is not running they’ll be added to the wait list. Once the room starts, they’ll be automatically joined into the room with the owner. A user can leave the wait list simply by leaving the page.

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Creating New Rooms


When you sign up for Greenlight, the application creates your home room which is named “Home Room”. You are free to create as many new rooms as you would like for different purposes. To create a new room, you simply click the “Create a Room” block from your list of rooms. You can configure room specific settings to customize each room. To see what each setting does.


Your new room will then show under your current room, and you can click to switch between them. Your home room is the one with the home icon. You can delete a room using the room drop-down.

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Room Settings

Note: Room setting changes will not apply to currently running/active meetings

Setting Description
Generate an optional room access code Generates an access code that users must enter before they are allowed to join the room. An access code can be randomly generated by clicking the dice icon the left, and can be removed by clicking the garbage icon on the right.
Mute users when they join Automatically mutes the user when they join the BigBlueButton meeting
Require moderator approval before joining Prompts the moderator of the BigBlueButton meeting when a user tries to join. If the user is approved, they will be able to join the meeting.
Allow any user to start this meeting Allows any user to start the meeting. By default, only the Room Owner will join as a moderator.
All users join as moderators Gives all users moderator priveleges in BigBlueButton when they join the meeting.
Automatically join me into the room Automatically joins the user into the room after the room gets created successfully.

Renaming Rooms

Using the header

If you hover over the room name, you should see an edit icon

Afterwards, you can change the name by clicking anywhere or pressing the enter key.

Using the Room block

If you look at a Room block, you will see 3 ellipsis which you can click to view the options for this room. You can click Room Settings to display a modal that will allow you to edit any of the Room’s features.

Afterwards, clicking Update Room will save the changes.


Viewing RecordingsAnchor link for: viewing recordings

On your room page, all recordings for that room will be listed at the bottom under the recordings subtitle. This table contains information about the recording, as well as its recorded formats. You can click on any of these formats and you’ll open the recording in a new tab.

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Each recording has a visibility associated with it, which can be changed by clicking on it in the recordings table. By default, it is set to unlisted.

Public: everyone can view it if they have the room link.
Unlisted: only users who have the recording link can view it.

Managing Recordings

Using the drop-down in the recordings table, you have the ability to delete a recording or mail a recording to a friend. Keep in mind, emailing an unlisted recording will allow the friend access, so if you want a recording to be completely private, don’t share the recording link.

Deleted recordings are not recoverable, so be sure when deleting a recording.

Modifying Recordings

Renaming Recordings directly using the Recording Title

To edit the recording name directly using the title, you can hover over the title and see an edit icon.


Sorting and Searching Recordings

It is possible to sort recordings by metrics such as Name, User Number, and Length of Recording.

This can be done by clicking on the headers of the table (cycles through ascending, descending, and no particular order):

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